Now that my dogs’ kennel is fully decked out with stairs, a balcony, individual living quarters, electricity and plumbing, I think I can safely say that it’s one of the best kennels in the world. That’s a pretty big achievement if I don’t say so myself. I’ve already sold the design as a prototype for other kennels because I want all the dogs in the world to have the best quality of life possible. 

I seriously need to thank the guys at the local Hampton hardware store for making all of this possible. Without their help over the last year, I wouldn’t have been able to create something so functional and impressive. They seriously supported me the entire way through and even pointed me in the right direction when they thought something wasn’t going to work. I couldn’t be luckier to have them at my local hardware shop. 

My kennel is fully built now and there’s nothing more that I can do to make it special. I’ve decided that I’m going to submit my kennel to some design competitions and see if I can come out as a winner. If I do, then I will have made all the money back that I spent on the kennels. If I win more than one competition, then I’d have enough money to buy another dog and you know what that means… add another living quarter to the kennel.

How good would that be? Anyone that has been following along with this blog would know the first thing I’d do would be to go to the hardware store and buy some high-quality building supplies in the Cheltenham area. I have chills just thinking about it. 

I can’t wait to win some competitions. I want to own as many dogs as possible so that I can firstly, love them forever and secondly, build a whole community of awesome dog kennels for my pets. Now, that’s living the dream.