So now we have an automobile. I’ve said from day one that we need a car, or even better, a van. But no, Alfonse said that we needed an ‘office’ and that we couldn’t met with clients if we were trundling around in an old vehicle. And what’s worse, when I suggested that we split the duty, me in the van and him in the office, that was also shot down. I was a partner, and I needed to work there are well.

Well, now we’re in a van. And we’re doing great things, IN this van, so I was right all along. I guess it does come with expenses, and while we’ve trundled past a tyre repair garage near Preston about sixty times, I’ve held off on it because of…budgets, and other boring stuff. I’m sure it’s fine. I’m in charge of looking after the van since it was my idea, which is fair enough, but Alfonse also said that I’m not allowed to paint it weird colours, and definitely not the design from Scurvy-Moo, the kids show about the cow who also drove around in a van with a posse of cowardly humans and perpetrated mysterious crimes with masks, and none of them ever had enough vitamin-C.

We’re actually solving crimes instead of…that, so I don’t know why Alfonse thinks I would do something so irresponsible. Besides, this is real life; I don’t recall Scurvy-Moo and the gang ever having to get tire repairs or transmissions services, because their van ran on cartoon laws.

Anyway, now we’re perfectly poised for jobs, provided we can keep the van in good shape. Otherwise we’re going to have to be taking the train to scenes of mysteries, and we’ll be the last there. Punctuality is key, I say. So, I guess I should stop procrastinating about finding that Preston mechanic. It’ll have to be a Preston mechanic, because that’s where the van is parked, and I, uh…don’t really want to move it too much.