Merry Chrysler! By which I mean that the Christmas special of ‘Week of Our Lives’ was released to the public a little bit early. Some sneaky trolling so-and-so leaked it online…and I wasn’t strong enough to resist. I’m sorry! I just love the show so much, and people were already discussing it in the forums. If I wait, everything will be spoiled!

And here I was, having a new antenna installed and everything. Well…it’ll still be useful for the future. I like to think I’m supporting people in Melbourne who do TV antenna repairs, even in this modern era of internet goodness.

Funnily enough the episode was ALSO to do with antennas. Now, the Christmas episodes are usually something a little bit special. Either a special, emotional instalment, or they shake up the formula, or it’s a rip-roaring comedy…all have been done in the past. But this time was the only time in my memory that the show has dipped into the superhero genre, so far as I know. Alvin was trying to fix his TV antenna without the aid of any professionals, when…


…anyway, he’s fixing the antenna when he gets hit by…sleet! The sleet mixes with the antenna signals and seeps inside his ear, which supercharges his brain and gives him the ability to detect waves of all sorts. Alvin is the resident nice guy, so he decides that he has to use this power for good as a local superhero. He even gets his own suit and everything! But it causes trouble in the community, because as it turns out, the OTHER nice guy Henry is secretly a supervillain with an underground lair who wants to abolish TV…forever. So begins the Great Television Antenna War of Realsville, with the citizens of the town all banding together, putting aside their differences throughout the year and joining forces to save television.

I laughed, I cried, and I thought it was pretty weird about the whole superhero thing, but whatever. I feel like I want to find someone in Melbourne, a technician for antenna repairs, and give them a big hug for providing us with television. Maybe that was the point? Doesn’t matter, it’s Christmas.