I’ve been a bit burned by renovations in the past. Not literally, fortunately – just financially and emotionally. That guy I got to do the bathroom when I lived in Adelaide was a total scammer, and I never quite reconciled myself with the design of the ensuite at the holiday house, even though everyone else thought it was fine. I don’t know – maybe I’m just a perfectionist.

Point is, I think enough time has passed for me to have another crack. The kitchen could really use an update, and my thoughts about selling the house sometime in the next few years are making it more of a priority. A renovation could really add some value.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you, readers. Talk to me about custom kitchens. Moorabbin people, in particular – I’m looking at you. Any suggestions? The fact is, I can’t bear to hire a dud again. I’ll be hiring a certified kitchen designer and the very best construction team, thank you very much, and only if they come personally recommended.

If I can just get excited about home makeovers again, I think this process could be fun. The right kitchen design is going to do wonders for my state of mind, so I might as well embrace the whole process of nailing it. Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong in the past – perhaps I’ve overlooked the importance of planning and my role in it. That covers everything from thinking in depth about what features I want and how they should look, to choosing the right interior design and tradespeople for the task.

I suppose kitchen renos are just like anything else in life, in a manner of speaking. Getting them right demands attention to detail and careful consideration of possible pitfalls. Ideally, this is stuff that you should be able to leave largely to the professionals you’ve hired, but they still need your input to go by.