Someone posted some devastating facts about climate change a couple of days ago and it’s resonated with me in the way a bad dream steep into your entire day. But I guess, there are good dreams too.

The good dreams are largely why I started looking into investing in a commercial energy monitor  on my partner’s behalf. He doesn’t know it yet, but once I have all the facts together, we’ll be making an all but automatic shift to cleaner energy solutions. He didn’t know that we can save an astronomical amount on electricity, simply by changing to LED lights. He doesn’t know that solar power doesn’t have to be the seismic shift into the financial red-zone that he’s been given the impression of. But as I read on, I’m realising that the longer he stays under the rock, the longer we’ll stay on the back foot. I’ve been in touch with a Melbourne company that specialise in commercial solar energy solutions.

It’s totally my style to heavily research when I’m interested to try something new. You won’t find me slapping at the surface for air in the deep end. I was basically born with a risk assessment chart in my hand. In the last three days, I’ve quietly pored through the research, finding good reasons to invest in solar power. And the pros heavily outweigh the cons, to put it mildly. We’re definitely taking our business down this (very affordable, very responsible) road. I can only hope to influence other business to fellow suit and take an interesting in the future of this planet. 

The jury is still out for me on the value of social media. I mean if it brought me to this point, how can it be so bad?  Let’s be honest, what social media gives, it also takes away – in big fat chunks either missing or over-piled on our cyber plates. But I do appreciate being given the choice to pull this off.