I’m having a daughter! I’m a single woman and soon to be a mother and I just found out that the IVF worked and I’ll be having a girl in September. I can’t begin to explain to you how happy I am. I’ve wanted to start a family since I was thirty, but I never got the opportunity to. Work got in the way and then I didn’t have a partner to embark on the journey with. I was discussing my sadness with one of my close friends around six months ago when she told me that I don’t need a partner to have a baby and as a strong, independent woman I can raise a child on my own. I will be raising a daughter – another strong, independent woman. 

I’m currently getting my house in order to welcome my daughter into the world. My house will be the perfect place for a young girl to grow up and it all starts with a double hung windows installation. The windows in my daughter’s room are going to be beautiful. The double hung windows will be grand and elegant, and underneath the windows, there will be a spot for my daughter to read a book soaked in the afternoon sun. She will look out of the window and feel like the princess that she truly is.

Seeing as I’ve having double hung windows installed in her bedroom, I’ve decided every window in the house could use a window frame replacement. Melbourne homes, where I live in the inner city, are very old. People are opting away from knocking them down and rebuilding their homes due to the history the homes have. The homes seriously look like they’ve come straight out of a period piece and it would hurt too much to ruin the aesthetic of the suburb just to have a new house. However, this obviously comes with problems in the sense that there is so much more upkeep required to look after the houses.

I’ll always look after any house that my daughter will live in.