I am just so lost about what to get my brother for his birthday. He is literally the hardest person to buy presents for on the planet. He’s not into anything. What I mean by that is that your average twenty four year old boy is probably into his video games, girls, comics, music, books, something, anything, but Damien is just not. He went right through his gaming/comic-book phase about eight years ago, and when I say he went ‘right through it’ I mean he went in one end and came out the other. He’s really into gardening and all that ridiculous jazz, but what do you get someone who is into that? A tree?

So, since all of my research (including talking to his partner, thanks for all your ‘help’ Michael) was a bust, I guess that leaves bulbs. You read that correctly, a variety of mixed bulbs for him to plant. It’s come down to that. I guess a billion years ago when we were both into Herbology that would have made sense.

Maybe I could link it back to that, I don’t know. This is actually the worst. I’m actually the worst. Maybe I could give him the bulbs and and say ‘make sure to cover your ear when re-potting’. I’m sure he’ll get a laugh out of that.

Why couldn’t he just tell me what he wants? I tell him, literally every year (twice, for my birthday and for Christmas!) I tell him exactly what I want and exactly where to find it. But no list for me. Nope, I’m supposed to be a mind reader and just know what kind of flowering bulbs he wants. Nope, forget it, I’m just going to ask mom what kind of plant or tree she is getting him and get another one of those. That’s fine, right? Well, passable at least.