I have no words. I just choked up, and also couldn’t type for a moment because I was so overcome with emotion. You’d ┬áthink that a soap opera running for decades upon decades would be all out of ideas, but Week of Our Lives just continued to astound. Usually I like to watch it with a group of friends, so that we can all discuss it afterwards…but this time I wanted something else. A more personal experience.

So you know how all the cast went to the beach, right? Turns out…they were in Sorrento. I went on holiday to the wrong place. So yeah. The entire conflict of the episode was that a group of them got a beach cabin and decided to watch a silly B-movie about killer space bugs, but that totally triggered Sally because her Dad used to do pest control in Frankston until he was lost at sea, and the whole trip was an attempt to reconcile her fear of the ocean. So she gets triggered by the killer space bug film, stalks out and runs into Alan, who said he was going to be on holiday in Aruba but actually came to Sorrento to spy on her group of friends because they didn’t let him in on the ‘Bored of the Rings’ marathon and now he wants revenge.

And then the plot thickened with the revelation that Doug is secretly breeding termites and brought a few along on the beach retreat, which then had to be evacuated because they started to eat away at the foundations while everyone slept because they were also GENETICALLY-MODIFIED. Also, Tom likes Karina, even though she still hasn’t taken off the bandages from her plastic surgery to turn into a human-wolf hybrid.

And then there was another cliffhanger! Sorrento pest control people were called in…but can the holiday be saved from the termite threat? My nerves can’t take storytelling of this quality.