My eleven year-old, Marissa, has recently decided that play equipment is for kids, with the implication being that she no longer falls into that category. This came as surprise to me, as she’s always loved coming up with creative new ways of using the different climbing apparatuses found in parks, and even new ways of using a swing. Maybe she’s on to something, though – it could be time for her to graduate to circus classes or something.

But anyway. Yesterday, her younger sister, Beth, went to a birthday at this kids party venue in Bayswater. Perth is still kind of new to us all, so we’d never heard of it before. It turned out to be this massive indoor play centre, with multi-level play equipment, climbing frames, bouncy surfaces, a merry go round – you name it. Marissa, who’d come along with me to drop Beth off, took one look at the place and immediately wanted to stay. So much for being too old!

The fact is, though, that she is almost over the designated age range for this place. But given that I myself had a pretty good time (not to mention workout) climbing up colourful shapes just for the sheer fun of it, I’m convinced that Marissa shouldn’t let go just yet. I can see her getting into trapeze or aerial silks, or something like that.

But yeah. If you’re stuck for where to host kids parties in Perth, try one of these indoor play zones. I just wish someone would make something similar for grown-ups! Or maybe grown-ups don’t need them, because they’ve got the whole world to play in – I mean, I have the option to go hiking in the Himalayas, or learn guitar in Mexico, or bike around my neighbourhood knitting jumpers for lamp posts.

When you think about it, kids at play are really quite inspiring, in terms of doing something purely because it’s fun and without any regard for how it could benefit you in the long term.