It is I, Georgina Glass, and I’m wondering how I keep getting myself into weird situations. I told myself when I came to Melbourne that I was going to do new things. Pretty firm on that one; I just wasn’t as adventurous as I wanted to be back home. Safe job, safe family life, didn’t travel that much. Got to get out there, I said to myself. Do something interesting!

Well, I’ve had plenty of that. Relentlessly, you might say. I’ve hardly had a second to see my awesome BF, because I’ve been so on the go with job, study, extracurriculars…and now I’m a practice dummy. No, really. My friend had a booking for a dry needling course near Melbourne, and she said they were short on people to be treated. Apparently the last guy called in sick with a throat infection. And like the dynamic go-getter I suddenly am, I said I’d go for it.

I guess you could say I’ve participated in dry needling, but not to any great degree beyond lying there and not talking for a while people stick me with tiny needles. It sounds macabre, but apart from a few folks with a case of butter-fingers, it’s actually pretty relaxing. Not like I really had to do much, and I might be able to replicate the theory one day.

Yeah, I can see that happening. Someone is dramatically dying in front of me, and I ask the what they need to live. “Dry needling,” they choke. “Not, like, expert stuff. Maybe just a bit of it from someone who’s heard a bit of the theory a few years ago.”

Then they whip the needles out of their pocket- because they had a pre-existing condition, obviously- and I heroically save the day. I owe it all to my my dry needling course knowledge, even though I never actually did any of it.

Very realistic, I know. I await the day when I can be some stranger’s trigger point dry needling saviour.