If these new career sims were realistic, a great many things would be different. I know I shouldn’t be nitpicking, especially for games that received a perfect score from the illustrious ‘Monthly Video Game Magazine’, but these sims purport to train people in real life skills, by way of a fun playtime experience. The details are actually important.

I’ve been having a great time with their scenario, ‘Conveying Greatness’. I’m currently a level-67 conveyancing expert from Brighton, with my own desk and a long list of clients to my name. I’ve looked up the real work of conveyancers and it SEEMS pretty straightforward and realistic. For example, they incorporate a system wherein you have meetings with clients, and you don’t get to check your documents in the middle of the meeting. No, you have to do things in a professional manner, becoming of a true conveyancer. You have to read the sale of land act on your very first day in the office as a trainee, and remember what it says to apply it to your work.

The part I have a problem with…is the teleporting. There’s just so much of it, and I wish you could turn it off. Every time you start the game (at the start of a work day- you can’t just turn off the game before quitting time!) there’s a short scene of your character getting ready for work, and then you’re in the office for 9am sharp, ready to work your conveyancing magic. But the commute is a real part of the work day. The lunch break is, also. Currently, the sim only covers the work part of work, without the minute details that form a large chunk of ACTUAL work. No one steals your sandwich from the fridge, gets into a crash and forces you to slow down to 20, and I don’t think you can do anything that would have the boss make you work overtime.

If I want to move up to the conveyancing office in Collingwood, I want to have EARNED it, difficult commutes and all. Its’ realistic…but it could be more so.