Mum said I needed a hobby. Didn’t expect THIS one, did ya? Okay, so I was playing way too many video games before, and just working at JFC wasn’t really getting me anywhere. Couldn’t really stand the thought of selling my soul and finances to a university forever and ever, and learning a trade is the exact opposite of something I’d be good at. Getting up at 4:30 every day to go and crawl through some pipes? Kill me. Just…kill me first, it’s be better that way.

But short courses? Those, I can do. I never go anywhere or do anything fun, so i had loads of money in savings. And since there so happened to be a dry needling course in Sydney, I just thought..why not? It’s just weird and useful enough. Mum was pretty surprised when I said I was going for one of those instead of, like…plumbing. But then, I still think she’s pretty glad that I’m out of my rut. You hear about those short courses all the time- people quitting their jobs to be personal trainers, or becoming qualified massage therapists in no time at all- but that’s so mainstream. If everyone who heard those ads actually followed them, all industry across Australia would just shut down. We’d have a nation of personal trainers and massage therapists, but nobody to personally train, or give massage therapy. Unless they gave it to each other. Boring.

Dry needling is just more exciting. I’ve checked the syllabus: you get to learn stuff about the human body that not many people know. And it’s becoming more and more accepted in sports clubs, companies, the medical profession in general and other places. Honestly, I’m, actually really excited for it; first time in a while I’ve been excited for anything. Man, I wish they’d put up posters for needling courses a bit sooner.