I don’t know what Jennifer’s getting all bothered about, honestly. They’re just windows! I mean, sure, they are central to keeping the car secure and preventing the interior from getting messed up by the elements, but it’s not like I went and destroyed the engine or something. I haven’t even destroyed the windows. All I did was get them stuck in the rolled down position. Sheesh.


Now she’s saying she’s never letting me use any of her stuff ever again, as if I’m to blame for this. If she stayed on top of her log book service in Adelaide, we wouldn’t be in this position, would we? Jennifer doesn’t agree, of course – according to her, window roller issues are not something people go and get fixed straight away, and furthermore I should have followed her direct instruction to not push the button in the first place.


Well, come on. How often does this kind of thing happen? I guess there was that time with Jennifer’s new espresso machine, when I put milk in the water heater compartment and ruined the machine as well as the warranty. To be fair, that was a slip up on my part, but it could have happened to anybody. There was also the incident with losing her keys… but come on, that was an accident too.


Besides, I told Jennifer I’d chip in for her next car repair. What’s she getting all stressed about? I get that the local mechanic shops are all booked solid for the next two weeks, and the back windows will be open until such time as there’s an opening with an auto electrician. But that’s nothing a couple of bin bags and some gaffer tape can’t fix.


Now Jennifer’s standing behind me, reading over my shoulder and grumpily reminding me that she uses her car for attending client appointments, and the bin bags won’t be a good look. There’s nothing she can do about it, though… classic Jennifer. I can tell she’s going to forget all about the ‘no lending’ policy, because if she was serious about it she wouldn’t be letting me use her $5000 laptop right now.