I visit a lot of workplaces in my job, which is probably the best part. I’m practically invisible when I walk in holding the giant water containers that slot into the water coolers. They do appreciate the water, but no one ever seems to wonder where it’s from. If I’m invisible it means I’m doing my job right, and keeping those workers hydrated is a matter of pride. 

Anyway, I got to go to one of the high-rises today, and that’s always fun. I like a good office with a view, and with all these weird lightning storms we’ve been having lately, I had one of the best views possible. Just standing up there, watching the storm clouds rolling in for a bit…actually, it felt unnerving. Being that high up, just thinking that a lightning bolt could come in the window and zap you. I see loads of offices around here, and I know there are people that do all kinds of office design working here in Sydney, so maybe they do some sort of shock protection.

Actually, that might be more the responsibility of the owner of the building, rather than whoever is renting the office. So if the whole building is owned by  a corporation, then sure…they might get office fitouts that make the place safe from lightning. But if you’re just renting out a few floors, you’re relegated to changing the carpet and putting in different wallpaper. At least, I assume. I’m not actually part of office culture; I just brush against it. I go to places all the time that look like they haven’t received any updates in the 1960s, because people are just way too stingy to do anything about it. That, or their bosses are just totally set in their ways and aren’t aware that commercial office designers in Sydney have been around for years.

But whatever. I just bring the water, and silently judge places that need to update the look of their office.