They say dreams don’t come true. By ‘they’ I mean the internet, because those cartoon movies are really set on the idea. I don’t know how my generation became so jaded, honestly. Maybe it’s the economy, or…just a general sense of nihilism, I guess. We like wallowing in our own sense of failure.

Well, I don’t agree. There aren’t too many shows like it around, but I did manage to catch an episode of ‘People With Way Too Much Money, Seriously’, and instead of just passively swallowing the glamour, I felt inspired. These people had an entire room in their home devoted to oxygen therapy. Can you believe it?? That’s the level of wealth they’d acquired, to the point where they can basically secure the future of Melbourne’s oxygen therapy. So that’s really nice of them, but also, they’re living the ultimate dream of having an entire room in their home just for oxygen. For most of us, oxygen is just…around. We have to breathe the same stuff, and it might have…stuff in it. Whereas these people can just go to their dedicated oxygen room, and breath in some premium grade product all they like, and in the comfort of their own little chamber. I have to pay for that privilege…although I guess they did as well, which is why they have oxygen chambers in their home. Also, the presenter person said it was due to some kind of genetic defect. I didn’t recognise the name, but if oxygen therapy helps, then that’s fine for them.

Anyway, that’s my new goal. I might never get to the point where I have a dedicated oxygen therapy room, but it’s now my gold standard. Maybe I’ll get just one oxygen chamber. Melbourne is a place of innovation, where men are men, women are women, sometimes the opposite and vice versa of that, and if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. That’s what they say.