Oh, I simply cannot WAIT to present my ideas to the council this evening. I’ve been sitting here, doing my regular work, for the glory of this Earth-bound corporation, and all I’ve truly wanted to do is present my idea so that we can iron it out and get the planning going.

In our glorious new Lunar Kingdom, I wish to establish…holidays. Sounds crazy, but I started thinking about how much we love going on holiday here. Then I thought…why does it have to be different? Certainly, there are no such beaches or oceans on the moon- at least, none that we know of thus far- but that doesn’t mean we can’t GO places.

Nowadays, people do wonderful things like going to Lorne, highly rated beach apartment┬ábeing high on their list. Having a good old time in the sun is always a treat. It’s a time-honoured tradition, going to the beach with one’s family and friends. On the moon, we are supposed to be doing things even bigger and better than down here, free from many such constraints. What if there was a holiday destination set up far away from our colony, on the other side of the moon. Instead of looking out at Earth, it will give views of deep space and the wonders therein. Instead of beach apartments and luxury hotels, it will be a specialised luxury dome where the denizens may take a break from their work and simply enjoy their time of relaxation. Perhaps we can look into adding other such beach-like pleasures, such as a sandy sub-dome, a saltwater pool, maybe a cafe, an ocean VR experience…

My only concern is how we match up to the experience of a real, luxury hotel. Bookings in Lorne can be quite flurried, with many trying to take a piece of the action. Perhaps the one thing we can offer is peace and quiet? On the moon, that seems almost a given.