FINALLY, the weather is hot enough to take the boat out. I didn’t save up for three years just to have it sitting there for half the year, covered in a tarp that is also covered in frost. Not that there aren’t outboard motor repair mechanics available. Melbourne weather just is what it is, all the business-people know it, and if you need someone for the task of motor repair and servicing, they’re usually there for you rain or shine. Or frost.

I know, I know…everyone says it. “Just move to Brisbane, you’ll be able to use it all year!” And it’s certainly an option. I work remotely as an online hypnotherapist and I don’t have the emotional capacity to make friends so it’s not like I’d be leaving much. But that’s the thing…Brisbane’s waters have been scoured clean. There’s nothing left to be found, as opposed to Melbourne’s oceans which people have not yet explored because a) it’s just a terrible place for scuba diving and b) only recently has wetsuit technology evolved to make it warm enough to try. Me and the rest of the Melbourne Treasure Hunting Squad have made it our mission to use everything in our power to scour Melbourne bays and make ourselves rich, rich beyond our wildest dreams! Of course, for that my boat needs to be in top shape. All the winches winching correctly, the motors motoring, and preferably the bar stocked with tonic water. It can be a long and lonely venture, sailing the high seas and trawling the depths of the ocean. Of course, it’s all an investment; every bit of it. Boats don’t come cheap, you know. But I attended a few Treasure Squad meetings and I was convinced that riches awaited us, beneath the gently lapping waves. So…boat time. Definitely need to dust it off, stock the fridge, make sure we check the weather in Melbourne, boats anchor winch must be winching the anchor correctly. That’s extra important. Don’t want to come up from a successful treasure dive to find that the boat has floated away.