When I arrived to unlock the shop this morning, there was a surprise in store – the glass door was completely smashed in! I started to freak out about having been burgled, but after a quick stocktake, I realised that everything seemed to be in order. There was no sign of anyone having been in the shop, so I don’t know what could have happened… maybe someone accidentally drove a motorbike into the glass or something.

After I’d gotten over the fuss and bother, I set about looking into how to get the glass replaced in a hurry. I’ve never had to deal with a situation requiring a commercial glazing company in Melbourne (there was that one time in Adelaide with the cricket ball, but that’s another story). So it took a little while to track down someone who was available and in the area. I can’t very well expect to leave tonight with the door still gaping open, can I? 

Having just looked over all these potential glaziers and read about the services they offer, I’m starting to think about making a personal investment in a glass balustrade. Melbourne locals, tell me what you think: is it too much to have glass panels up the side of the front steps at one’s home in Collingwood? I realise it’s a bit of an odd notion; I just feel like it would suit the whole look of the place, which is on the avant garde side (the previous homeowners were an architect and a builder).

Really, though, I ought to just focus on getting this darned glass door replaced. Although it’s an unexpected pain in the neck, and I could really do without the expense, I have to admit that I like how this glass smashing incident has changed up my day from what I’d had in mind. I’m hoping the window repair company I’ve called in now how to harmonise with the vibe of my shop. If they do, I might get them to do something about that cracked mirror as well.