Frangipanis are without a doubt my top choice for wedding flowers. Even though we cannot quite  afford a destination wedding, but my big day will have a tropical feel, as I am choosing frangipanis as my wedding flowers. Here is my vision: a bouquet of frangipanis, perhaps interspersed with some baby’s breath, and a delightful flower tucked behind the ear of each bridesmaid.

I visited a few florists to see if they could make my vision come to life, but they all tried to steer me towards other flowers for my wedding day. So, I have decided to plant some frangipanis so that they will be ready in time for my wedding. Imagine how romantic it will be to have flowers from my very own garden in my bouquet.

Throwing the bouquet is a tradition that I love, but I do not think I will be able to bear throwing away my bouquet. Perhaps I will order a second, decoy bouquet, to be used for the tossing event. I will then stow away my bouquet. I will later press the flowers, so I will have a memento of my day. Frangipanis can keep practically forever once they are dried.

I want my wedding flowers to be a secret from my hubby-to-be. I know most brides draw the line at keeping their dress a secret, and let their hapless fiances be involved in the rest of the details. Well, I am not most brides. I cannot wait to see Michael’s face when he sees me with my beautiful flowers. It is difficult to keep the frangipanis when I am planting them, though. I think I will plant a few different varieties, so Michael will never suspect. I was looking up different types of frangipani, lulus blood would be perfect for the hair accessory of each bridesmaid. I must get ahold of some lulus blood plants.