What is up, my fellow Barkers? Causing lots of trouble in Robotopia? That’s what I like to hear! It’s your boy, Mr Chowski, back with another broadcast about all the latest. From the Resistance’s secret base, I’m coming to you live.

You know how I mentioned that woman who joined the Resistance and sort of just started taking over the place? Well, she’s disappeared all of a sudden. It was the strangest thing because she caused this big uproar in a Resistance meeting, then got up and left. And she hasn’t been seen since! It’s been several days, and it seems she’s just gone. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever witnessed, other than that time that the video production business based in Melbourne I used to work near made this crazy animation about aliens taking over the world. Now that was weird. 

So, what is the Resistance up to now? Dr Ratroti has managed to get things back under his control – they were getting a bit out of hand with this new lady around. We’ve been working on getting some advertisements out into the world to bring people to our cause, which I have been heavily involved with, given my working relationship with people who understand post-production services. That has been quite fun, actually. Something a bit different. I guess the missing lady had some impact on Dr Ratroti, though, because he never would have done something this ambitious before. 

Between you and me, loyal listeners, I get the feeling that things are really about to start heating up in the Melbourne district of Robotopia. It won’t be long before the Resistance starts doing some actual resisting. All our base renovations are done, so there has never been a better time to join our cause. If you want to make a difference and fight back against the Mechanists, just follow the instructions in the advertisements that are going to go out very soon. 

Alright, folks, this is Mr Chowski, signing off.