Is it weird that I’m totally into dystopian fiction? It IS pretty big right now, so I guess a lot of people must like it as well. There was the ‘Hungry Dames’ franchise making billions at the box office, and basically everything that came out of it. I really like the ‘Maize Jogger’ series although it laid it on a bit too thick with the whole farming metaphors. ‘Detergent’ was terrible. I know in the war-torn future, cleaning equipment will be extremely sparse…but did they really need to spend three movies on the one subject? Boring.

And now there’s ‘Knife Hopper 4920’, the sequel no one expected, with a message about industrial solar and why we need to take clean energy more seriously. I’m surprised by two things: how poignant the message was despite the distant time-frame, and how they actually managed to get us invested in a debate that’s been raging on the internet for eons. Solar power right now just seems like a bit of a dead horse. Yes, we all know that industrial solar power is important. We’re all aware that commercial energy storage is a big deal; as if we didn’t, with that huge battery they’re building in the CBD. And then there’s Lawrence Corp, with all that talk of putting energy monitoring in everyone’s home like some kind of sinister mega-corp. I’m not the only person who thinks that sounds creepy, right? It’s not just me? I’m all for energy monitoring, but I don’t think they’re making too many friends by trying to make it mandatory. Anyway…we’re far from the dark, dirty and permanently night-time worlds of Maize Jogger and Knife Hopper. It’s still looking pretty good for us. But I do like a bit of speculation, especially when it involves neo-cyber futuristic cities. And here’s us with our fledgling commercial solar. I suppose I can live in the world of today, and just imagine what happens tomorrow.