Okay, so it turns out that anime isn’t really the greatest source of information. And I’m not an idiot; I know that believing in your car and calling it your friend isn’t going to make it go faster and do sweet wheelies, like it does in ‘Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon’. That’s not a real thing, and I get that, whatever.

But still, I thought that the people who made the show would’ve done at least a little bit of research. Like, putting a dangerous chemical into your car’s engine does NOT make it go faster at a critical moment while drag racing, but how was I supposed to know? This is silly. Cars are silly. I don’t think I like them very much, and I’m moving to bikes.

And the most awkward thing? I go along to get my car service with a mechanic near Glen Iris, because I have to choose somewhere really close for my car to basically limp to the place, and I have to smile through my teeth as I explain what’s wrong. I’m not blaming the mechanic for judging me, because you never blame someone for just doing their job. In fact, it’s like…the opposite. Me being super vague about what I did to the car does not help them do their job, but they do it anyway. What a bunch of saints.

I wonder how they’d react if I said that I got a car-boosting tip from a anime? Maybe they’re all massive fans and they’d understand. Maybe every fan of ‘Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon’ has, at some point, poured chemicals into their engine to achieve the Spectacular Hoon Boost effect, only to discover that it is not a real thing. They’d look at me with sympathy, say ‘yeah, same, my dude’, and it’d all be cool in the end.

For now, I’m thinking…maybe a mechanics garage that does car repairs in Caulfield? I only say that because I can literally push my car there, and that does seem to be as good as it gets.