You know what would make conveyancing ever better?

Power suits. Now, the idea hasn’t really taken off like I was planning, but maybe I’ve been shooting for the stars a little bit too much. Power suits are still in their infancy, so it’s not like I can expect people to really buy into the idea that they will soon be tools of industry. The ones we’ve created so far are having trouble lifting anything that isn’t a stack of paper without becoming unbalanced and possibly toppling over (which requires a forklift to correct)…but do you know what profession could really use them?

I already asked that, but it’s conveyancing. Melbourne has many, many offices that do many different things, but I have an affinity with conveyancing because I recently used them to secure the space I use for my lab, and it was a positive experience.

Just think about it though. People in offices are always talking about air conditioning, and how nobody is ever happy. Did somebody say ‘internal cooling system’? They also love coffee. Cup holders all the way, installed in every model! Then there’s the issue of people stealing lunch…so we just need to sweeten the deal with a special mini-fridge extension. We can even tailor the suits to fit the fast-paced conveyancing lifestyle, with special calculating tools and extra arms to hold all those housing documents. Trust me, I’ve been to a conveyancing office and they are ALL about the documents, although some are going for a paperless office and I can totally get behind that where possible. I could even add a filing cabinet extension, for people who want all their conveyancing papery goodness there, at their beck and call, whenever they want it.

Whatever…I’ll see what’s necessary. What I’m saying is that power suits are going to take the already wonderful Melbourne conveyancing solicitor industry and make it that much better. Mech suits make EVERYTHING better. That’s just science.