Since I’ve moved out of my parents place they have found extremely creative ways to get me to go back to visit them. My mums tactic is to tempt me with food, she says things like, ‘oh just pop in for dinner you can just take it away if you like’, knowing that I would obviously stay and eat there. Dad tend to takes a different tactic and lures me back by asking for my help on household errands.

The latest one is their window repairs. At first he asked me if I could come by on the weekend to help him replace the downstairs timber windows, when I told him that window replacement is definitely not a DIY job and he needs to call professionals he assured me he would still require me to be there while they fit the new window frames. Rather than argue I just agreed, I don’t know why they don’t just ask me to come round to see me, they feel there always has to be a reason that my presence is needed!

Dad arranged for a specialist timber window repairs company in Melbourne to come and refit the timber frames. As I had tried to explain, my presence was completely useless in terms of the window repairs but I enjoyed the company of my parents as I always do and tried to hammer it home that I would still come and see them socially, without their strange excuses for needing me! Dad reminded me that when I was younger I stood and watched the builders put in the bi-fold timber windows when Dad built the house and here I was 20 years later watching the window repairs. Melbourne will always be home to me. I may not look out of these windows anymore but it’s good to know they will be there for another 20 years.