This couple that I work as a nanny for are having another baby, and they’ve asked me (drumroll) to help re-decorate their nursery room. You thought I was going to say be the godmother or something, right? I thought something like that was coming too, given the hype they worked up around the announcement.

It does make sense, I suppose, given that I’m studying illustration. And they’re offering to pay me, so it’s a deal. What they want from me is kind of interesting: a wallpaper design. Apparently, custom digital wallpaper is all the rage now – that is, wall coverings that are digitally printed with whatever you want. What these guys want is a feature wall design that’s baby-friendly, but that they themselves will also be happy to spend time around. Plus, they want something that can stay up for at least a good few years, since the nursery is going to end up being a kid’s bedroom in due course.

Tall order much? I think I’m up to the task, though. Through working with kids, I’ve discovered that they’re not all that different to grown-ups in terms of what they find pleasant and peaceful to look at. We can all appreciate harmony, beauty and subtlety – if anything, kids are just a bit more open-minded and adventurous in their tastes.

So, what I’ve got in mind for this is one-of-a-kind nursery wallpaper (aside from it being PVC-free) is an organic-looking design inspired by tropical flowers at sunset. How could anyone argue with that? Plus it’s peaceful as all get out while also being vibrant enough to keep a little kid happy.

I might even suggest that the design be printed on a self-adhesive wall covering material, rather than on paste-up wallpaper – that way, they could potentially move the feature wall to a new position to accommodate furniture rearrangements and whatnot.

The parents also told me I could come furniture shopping with them, which should be fun seeing as they’re loaded. A dark green thick-pile rug could be just the ticket… hang on, that’s what I want for my room. Shh.