Japan just really gets games, you know? I keep telling myself I won’t download any more apps, but then one of them goes viral, the curiosity gets the better of me and then that’s it. I’m hooked for weeks. I’m not even mad; they make my train commute feel like seconds. The latest one is Hooray, Gardener! You take control of a little animal version of yourself, in a miniature version of Melbourne, and tend your garden. The goal is to make the most impressive garden in your area to win the respect of your neighbours. It taps into the location of your phone, so you can play it anywhere in the world and you’ll still be in your virtual hometown.

Anyway, the main focus of the app is to make a beautiful garden and keep it maintained using resource points. I just made a trip to a local store that sells crushed rock. Carrum Downs is usually the best place to go for garden supplies as there are many places in close proximity that have what I need. I’d like to make one of those gravel pathways to lead up to my garden, and obviously I’m going to need truckloads of crushed rock for that. I’ve already got the basic layout down, which helps.  The garden is shaped like a space station.  Now is the time to make it look really glamorous so I can put it in the gallery and people can leave ratings.

Problem is that crushed rock is pretty expensive, and I spent most of my resource points on purchasing some building supplies so that I could have my perfect boulder formation. Had to spend a bit of real world currency on that one, but…I like the app, so it’s fine! But then before that, the driveways toppings put me out because I went to one place and they were sold out. I had to take a trip out to Narre Warren, driveway toppings are an essential part of my design. This of course took money out of my petrol fund, and then I had to buy ice-cream because I was tired and little sad. Also you can ONLY get ice-cream with real world money, which left me with a few dollars short to buy aggregate for the garden wall!