Why would anybody even need a boat latch in a world where there are no cars, because everything is flooded? You fool. Do you not see that the power is not in the boat latch itself, but in its magical powers? The boat latch that Fraydo Bagman will have to destroy in the year 2071 is cursed to corrupt any who touches it, other than those with the most unbreakable of spirits.

The Boat Latch of Power was forged in the year 2021, by the Dark Lord Sow-Ron. Before the world will be flooded, this Dark Lord creates many magical boat pieces, giving them to the people of Earth as gifts. But each serves a sinister purpose. These boat pieces will corrupt the users, forcing them to serve the Boat Latch of Power and its master. So, to all of you who are wondering how to install a boat latch, perhaps reconsider. Do so, and you risk becoming one of the Dark Lord Sow-Ron’s horrid servants.

What will this Boat Latch of Power actually be able to achieve? Well, for one thing, it will turn the boat it is attached to invisible, at the will of the captain. The second thing it will do is bring down a meteor so large that it dooms the world to an age of living on the risen waters. That’s right, this apocalypse will be caused directly by this cursed boat latch. It will bring about the age where there is nothing more important than marine fabrication. Melbourne, Sydney and every other city worldwide will be covered in water. 

In the year 2049, there will be great resistance against the Dark Lord Sow-Ron. Although his physical body shall perish in the battle, his spirit shall live on, calling for his boat latch. Eventually, the Boat Latch of Power will fall into the hands of Fraydo Bagman, who will journey south to the Antarctic Wastes and cast it into the fiery crater left by the meteor. Only then will the world be free from the Dark Lord Sow-Ron for good.