People will always want to look beautiful. I know many think that once we make it to our glorious lunar kingdom, all barriers will be broken down and we will be freed from all social expectation. Unfortunately, I do not share such optimism. I know that beauty standards won’t simply vanish once we leave the Earth…so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, thank you. The problem is convincing the more idealistic amongst us.

I’m currently training in Melbourne for anti wrinkle treatments, which is a short course but still very important. It involves using needles, after all…that sort of thing requires a surgeon’s finesse. I’m not quite as blinded by idealism as the rest of the group, so while I’m quite aware that we’ll be making massive advancements in science, technology and art on the moon, not everything will change. People won’t just immediately forget they have wrinkles that they’d like to get rid of, and who’s going to be around to do that, if not I? Our glorious leader has stated his misconceptions about ‘unnecessary professions’, especially since so many people have been asking recently. However, I’ve asked for a special meeting where I shall plead the case of beauty treatments. What kind of society will we be, if we have only what is necessary and none of what is truly good? Would we eliminate art? Creative endeavour? Eyebrow tattooing is a sacred art that has been in Australia for at least twenty years. Laser hair removal is perhaps newer, but I believe it is an art that should be preserved. There is beauty and care in what I do, and I would be nothing but proud to take it with me and make it a pillar of our new society.

That’s the defence I plan on making, anyway. Some people seem to think that because it’s related to Melbourne, laser hair removal and such are not as ‘pure’. Can’t say I agree; we are perfecting the ways of Earth, not eliminating them.