So apparently, Aviation Law is a real thing. I suppose the law affects every single thing in life, so it make sense that people would set up a law office that JUST deals with stuff that happens on a plane. Though I’d appreciate if people could group things up a little bit tighter than this, because I’m sitting her in the careers office and looking at this massive poster with all the types of jobs. It’s truly frightening, the amount of things you can choose to do in today’s world.

I only chose an arts degree because it was broad enough that I didn’t have to instantly lock myself into a career. Three years in and…I’m sort of regretting that, I shan’t lie.

Ooh, business law sounds fun. I’m sure there are loads of commercial law firms open in Melbourne to an inexperienced intern coming in and sifting through some paperwork…not. Still, business law sounds great. Exactly the type of thing that would make the parentals extremely happy. They’d love to tell the relatives and bridge club members that their child was on their way to becoming a business lawyer, working for a prestigious commercial law firm. And married with three children on the way, how exciting!

…is what Mum would like to say. Maybe keep holding out hope for that one, Mum. I’ll just sit here and wonder if you can transfer from an arts degree to one in business law. I’m at uni already, so it shouldn’t be TOO hard. I’ve done subjects that vaguely brushed against law, like History of Australia (which was when the laws were made) and Avoiding Plagiarism 101 (with plagiarism being directly against the law). There must be plenty of practising commercial law in Melbourne all the time, so it’s an ongoing vacancy. And then there’s Aviation. And civil, and estate planning, criminal, international, labour, property, labour, constitutional…