Alright so I’m not normally the type of person that decides to go onto the internet and write a review of something, but this time, I truly believe it is one hundred percent warranted. You know that feeling when someone is just going above and beyond? That this isn’t something they have to do, and no one’s ever told them they should do, but it’s something they’ve decided they’re going to do where they just go completely out of their way to help another human being? Well, I had an experience exactly like that this week and I am ready to rave about it.

A bit of context: I’ve spent the better part of four years with poor drainage in my home. I consider the problem a minor inconvenience hence why I’ve been putting off getting drain clearing. Melbourne can get a bad spot of weather every now and then, and over time that’s worsened the problem. These days, even in a light drizzle it’s more or less guaranteed to cause an overflow. For the longest time that’s been a fact of my life, something that I’ve just decided to live with. People have it a lot worse than I do, why should I complain?

Anyway, about a month ago, I decided that I needed to get on top of things. It was more of a general ‘get your life together’ kind of moment, and in the clarity that came with that, I decided it was time to fix a whole bunch of not-too-terrible problems, including the drains. Let me tell you, I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting when I called about my blocked drains. Melbourne has a lot of drainage plumbers, but as luck would have it,  turns out I found the best one!

has to offer. I just had no idea how much work was actually involved in a drainage problem like this, but the guys were fabulous. They took care of everything and kept me in the loop, which is always nice. They were professional, friendly, polite, everything you could want. They were so good, in fact, that I just had to share the experience!