It should be the most obvious thing in two worlds that oxygen will be necessary on the moon. In fact, I’ve even done the calculations: at the current rate of cybernetic augmentation, humans won’t be able to breathe on the moon for at least another two-hundred years, so oxygen is paramount. We cannot establish our moon kingdom without it.

This leads me to think that oxygen will become part of the culture in a way that it never quite did on Earth. I’m talking about our oxygen technicians being celebrities of a sort, or entire bars being established where people can come and spend time drinking in more oxygen. Can you imagine!We’d never think of something that exciting on Earth.

The hyperbaric sciences will make great bounds, obviously. I’ve been impressed with the prevalence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy here in Melbourne, and that’s a city on Earth where oxygen is plentiful in the air. Imagine what we will be able to accomplish when oxygen takes its place as part of our culture. Perhaps our hyperbaric treatments will be so strong and advanced that we’ll be able to walk on the moon for a short time. And then, when the time is right, we will share all we have learned with Earth, albeit in a way that keeps our glorious kingdom exclusive. It certainly won’t be glorious if we mingle with the ground folks. Still…we will remember our origins, and why should we not share our wonderful oxygen innovations?

To be honest, I’ve never been to have hyperbaric treatments in Melbourne. My health has been such that I have not yet needed them. Still. as part of the research team, I really should have a thorough knowledge of methods of oxygen transference, particularly since it’s a matter of good health. I shall make some sort of appointment.