I AM the greatest. The greatest. Alive.

The greatest is me. Out of everyone in the office, I sit right at the top of the tally when it comes to moving property, to the point where the new people are directed to me for advice. That’s when you know you’ve made it!

I don’t give them any, of course. Don’t want any upstarts stealing my position…and besides, it’s better for them to work their way up naturally, make mistakes, all that business. That IS the business.

I sold the old mansion last week, the one everyone thought was haunted by Albajerian ghosts. That thing had been on the market for ten years, but I sold it in a week; sometimes it hurts to be this good. See, it’s all about WHO you know, and I know practically everyone. Knowing the Melbourne property advocate trends is vital, as well as which properties are hot at the moment. And then, all you have to do is get onto one or a few of them, and sell the job to them. Property advocates exist to scout out the best properties in the city and give their clients all the hot info, but they don’t get their info from telepathy. No…they need people like me. And I need people like them, so really, we’re all but business partners. People love property advocates, too. All swanky, well-dressed, professional but not TOO professional…they’re the perfect combo of trustworthiness. Beloved by all, and thus useful when I need someone to show interest in a property that might be unpopular for some weird reason. Thanks to my Melbourne buyers advocate connections, a family has moved into a perfectly good mansion, we can strike that one off our books and the young bucks in the office have learned something, by watching a master. When I win, everyone wins. That’s why I’m the very best, like no one ever has been.