Today I went to a careers fair – a thoroughly confounding experience, I must say, for a year nine student with a dim view of planet Earth’s prospects over the course of my future. My friend Marc says I’m prematurely curmudgeonly, and my mother has expressed concern about the same. But I’m just being realistic. Cynicism is healthier than delusion.  

Anyway, back to the careers fair. I did my bit and went from stall to stall, asking the requisite questions about this and that. First, I got chatting to a representative from a conveyancing company. Melbourne, apparently, is undergoing a population boom, and I had to bite my tongue to avoid launching into my take on it: that a well-timed boom of another sort might solve our overpopulation problems.

Hey, come on. I’m just joking. I don’t actually want the sun to explode. And I certainly don’t plan to be responsible for it if it does happen. I’m just make a grim observation about the nature of our human position at the present time. That said, I could probably get into all this nonsense about vendor statements and title transfers. Melbourne does, in fact, have a growing population, so it seems like an okay thing to get involved with if one is going to pursue a career at all.

Then, just to mix it up, I had a chat to another stall about becoming a baker. Why not? I eat bread, so I might as well make it as well. I came away feeling like I could be as passionate about baking as about conveyancing – perhaps moreso. After all, bread is more central to my existence than property ownership is, and I could always hire a conveyancer if I needed expertise in that area.

To round out the experience, I spoke to a scientist doing doctoral research on climate change. That didn’t float my boat at all, much to the surprise of my teachers and peers. I just thought it sounded like a lot of hard work for minimal satisfying gain.